Easter 3C

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar they say. Well that is definitely something that Saul had to learn. He wasn’t very good with the honey and in fact he breathed murder and threats on people (Acts 9). But there is more to the story than just Paul learning how to be a champion.

On the third Sunday of Easter, Rev. Cassie Sexton-Riggs brought us a message from Acts 9:1-20 about the conversion of Saul to Paul and what it means for us. That the story is more than what comes to the eye at first glance.

Maybe you missed if from being on vacation or just enjoying the first day without rain here in Litchfield in what seems like weeks (event though it was only days). Want to have a chance listen to the sermon? Well guess what you are in luck! You can listen to the sermon right here
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