Out of Darkness, Into the Light: Dark Night of the Soul

During our six week sermon series, “Out of Darkness, Into the Light”, UACC is discussing the duality of our lives in light and dark and exploring how maybe darkness isn’t such a bad thing. That maybe it doesn’t have to be light or dark but rather some combination of them both.

In this second week of our sermons series, Rev. Cassie brought us a sermon from Genesis 32: 3-31, about Jacob wrestling with an angel in the dark and receiving a blessing as the new day was dawning. Want to know more? Check it out here.

Maybe with the single digit temperatures this past week you didn’t feel light getting out of bed and but really wanted to be a part of our current sermon series on light and dark. Have no fear you can subscribe to our iTunes podcast here and never miss another sermon again due to the winter cold.

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