March 22, 2019

Join us for a sermon during the physical distancing of COVID-19.

Out of Darkness, Into the Light: The Road Less Traveled

Every wonder what glow sticks, hide and seek and bread waiting to rise has to do with who we are as Christians? Well Rev. Cassie talks about all those things and more in her sermon this past week. This past Sunday, on our fourth installment of our sermon series entitled “Out of Darkness, Into the…

Out of Darkness, Into the Light: Dark Night of the Soul

During our six week sermon series, “Out of Darkness, Into the Light”, UACC is discussing the duality of our lives in light and dark and exploring how maybe darkness isn’t such a bad thing. That maybe it doesn’t have to be light or dark but rather some combination of them both. In this second week…

12th Night of Christmas

The last leg of our Christmas journeys come with traveling to Cousin Luke’s

Advent 4A

The Christmas travels for week two take us to the Gospel according to Mathew….

Advent 3A

Week 2 of our trips to the Gospel homes for Christmas!

Advent 2A

Advent 2 Worship the youth group #nailedit!